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Q: Where is Glammed Up located?

A: Glammed Up is an online women's' clothing store located on the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Q: What type of payments are accepted?

A: *Cash on Delivery is accepted via direct deliveries.

     *Bank deposits & online transfers are accepted.

     *WiPay & Paywise are also accepted. We will send our details upon receipt of order.

Q: Can I pay cash on delivery?

A: Yes, you can at the free delivery locations or for direct delivery with Glammed Up Courier Service.

For TTPost deliveries, payment is through bank deposit, online transfers, PayPal, WiPay or Paywise.

Q: What are your delivery options?

A: Deliveries are done via Glammed Up Courier Service or TTPost Local Courier Service. 

Q: Do you provide FREE deliveries?

A: Yes, of course we do.

We offer free delivery to West Mall, Courts in St. James, Curepe Junction & Independence Square.  Deliveries to other locations are available at a cost. 

Q: Do you ship to Tobago?

A: Yes, of course. Packages are delivered to Tobago via TTPost which takes 3 to 5 days to deliver.

Q:  How can I cancel an order?

A: Send us an email or DM on Instagram with your full name and contact number and state you'd like to cancel your order.

Q: I'm not sure what size will fit me, what do you suggest I do?

A: Message us on WhatsApp 1 (868) 474-GLAM and we will provide a size chart.

Q: Do you hold items?

A: Unfortunately, we do not.  If extended time is required to make a payment, notify us by sending a message on Instagram or WhatsApp 1 (868) 474-GLAM.


Q: How long till orders are cancelled?

A: Orders are cancelled if it is not collected on the delivery date or if there is no notification or response for a new collection date is given.


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